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ECC front door

The ECC (Early Childhood Center) at the Fairfield Public Schools provides a comprehensive educational experience to children of preschool age who reside in Fairfield, CT. The ECC provides a preschool environment that meets the needs of all learners beginning at the age of three. We create developmentally appropriate educational experiences in a friendly, caring, and stimulating environment.

Our professional staff implements the Early Learning Developmental Standards from the Connecticut State Education Department’s Office of Early Childhood along with a curriculum developed in conjunction with the Fairfield Public School Curriculum Leaders. Our rich Preschool curriculum is aligned with the kindergarten curriculum in each of our eleven elementary schools so that children are prepared as they move forward into those environments. We offer a variety of child-directed, teacher-facilitated learning experiences for our children. Students participate daily in fine motor activities, are encouraged to engage in peer to peer social interactions, and become independent in their life skills. They have social skills instruction, music and physical education as part of their program. Our students also have a daily opportunity to utilize a specially designed playground for children between three to five years of age.

The ECC uses an integrated education model where our focus is on the social-emotional development of our young learners. Our five classrooms educate children of all learning-capacities, race, gender, and multi-cultural backgrounds in a multi-aged classroom. We emphasize the importance of inclusion and understanding of all differences and promote the idea that all children are unique and special.

Take care,

Kristen Bruno, Coordinator of Early Childhood Special Education